Monster Picnic Table - UNTREATED Lumber
Monster Picnic Table - UNTREATED Lumber
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Monster Picnic Table - UNTREATED Lumber

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Our public picnic tables-Monster is the big brother to the 1 5/8″ schedule 40 table. They are constructed from 2 3/8″ schedule 40 pipe and are well known by industry experts as a frame produced with quality and longevity. This table frame boast around 105 pounds before you put on the tops and seats. If you are looking for a table that will stay put your chances are great with this table frame. Our frames have been refined over time into a very stable and, quite simply, a well built piece of equipment. Our metal picnic table frame has a one piece welded design that slide easily when you want to mow under it. They will not tip if only one side is being used and they have the easy walk in feature so you do not have any high support frame to step over. We take the extra step with our tables by adding a center channel that has the ability to help keep the boards from warping over time. The frames on our campground Picnic Table can be finished with either hot dip galvanizing or rust resistant enamel paint.

Our monster tables have been staples in City, State & County parks across the country for many years. We handcraft our picnic table frames to last and give the buyer the best value for their money!

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238 Schedule 40 Pipe


5 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot


Black, Brown, Galvanized, Green