Gerber Tables “Table Frame Specifications Chart” below shows the 16 gauge frame vs all of our current frame options. We had been selling the 16 gauge picnic table frame for many years. This year we all sat down and discussed how to improve our product. We already have the best center channel, seat cleats, top cleat and bottom cleat in the industry. The only improvement we could think of was going to heavier gauge metal as our base model.

When you compare the 16 gauge vs 14 gauge visually it is difficult to see the difference. The best way to compare our frame options is by weight. You have about 4 more pounds of metal on the 14 gauge frame when comparing it to our old 16 gauge frame. This weight translates into strength of table. It’s tougher to bend and it will last longer in most any environment.

We have continued to stay with the 1 1/2″ diameter tube in our tube frames, the experts in the metal industry we have spoken with see no advantages to increasing the tube diameter.  However we do offer 1 5/8″ and 2 3/8″ pipe options. These options give considerable more weight to the frame as you can see in the chart below.  Weight means strength and these frames will be much tougher to move.

Table Frame Specifications Chart

Metal Gauge Type Diameter Metal Thickness Weight of Table Frame
16 Gauge Frame Discontinued* 1-1/2″ .0625 inches 39 lbs
14 Gauge Frame Tube 1-1/2″ .0830 inches 44 lbs
11 Gauge Frame Tube 1-1/2″ .1250 inches 64 lbs
158 Schedule 40 Pipe Frame Pipe 1-5/8″ .1400 inches 72 lbs
238 Schedule 40 Pipe Frame Pipe 2-3/8″ .1540 inches 105 lbs

*We discontinued the 16 gauge picnic table frame this year because of its lack of strength on the campground. We replaced it with a 14 gauge frame that has a 32% thicker metal wall. It adds about 5 lbs to the frame system so you can still push it easily with your mower.